Cyberbetting – history of development, interesting facts

Over time, betting is developing successfully and certainly does not stand still, conquering more and more new horizons. Bets in bookmakers today are accepted not only for events from the world of sports, but also for political events and even computer games! Some time ago, the leading bookmakers of the planet opened a bet on e-sports, which means that now anyone can make a bet on the outcome of certain events with the bookmaker office.
As it is known, bookmakers can hardly be called philanthropists, the target audience with an income is important to them – for their entertainment and they offer to make a bet. Actually, the calculation of the bookmakers was justified entirely and completely – the proposals are in great demand and the rates on eSports are just increasing.

E-sports industry

We did not accidentally use the name of e-Sports in this subtitle – in Western countries there is no such thing as “eSports”, there is e-Sports. Here, players compete in computer games, where a computer simulates a field for a game on which battles unfold.
e-Sports abroad has gained enormous popularity and today it is gaining momentum in Russian-speaking states with confidence. The most popular disciplines in which players compete with each other are League of Legends, World of Warcraft, Counter-Strike and Dota 2. Note that sponsors are pouring crazy money into the industry. And in 2001, eSports was recognized by the Russian authorities as one of the sports in the country (but after 5 years, the decision was canceled).

What tournaments are worth a look?

Cyberbetting – history of development, interesting facts. The company Riot Games, which is the developer of League of Legends, determines the prize fund independently and personally takes care of all organizational issues. Moreover, Riot Games also personally holds events of the highest level with a huge selection of participating teams.
The developer of Dota 2 is Valve. Once a year, this company holds an event called The International, and as of last year, the total amount of the prize fund has reached $ 20 million. Even more money in cybersport is invested by manufacturers of computer peripherals and accessories.
4 major tournaments are held annually in the Counter-Strike: GO discipline, the cumulative prize fund of these events reaches $ 1 million. By the way, professional cybersportsmen not only participate in events, they devote a great time to their passion, streaming on popular channels and posting videos on the Internet. Donat (financial support from fans) blooms here in a turbulent color.